Monthly Archives: January 2013

So I actually started on this month’s project; and by started, I mean I’ve done one map and I figured a concept for what to do exactly for it. But hey, it’s a start, right?

Anyway, it’ll be incredibly short, so don’t blame me for that, but remember it’s purpose! I’ll be using RMXP for this one, and all of it’s default stuff.(it’s purty :P)

The end product should turn out okay, so look out, here I come! I’m thinking I’ll be done in about 2/3 weeks, so again, keep watching this blog!


Yes, I made myself a blog. Why? I did this because I’m starting a little thing called #onegameamonth .

It’s a thing where you develop one unique game each month. It’s absolutely free, and it’s for personal growth as a developer, not anything else. So yeah! I’m doing this now.

If you want my OFFICIAL website, checkĀ There, you can find all the games I have created, and contact information. Check it out!

Anyway, I’ll also post progress I make on each months game, so stay tuned for that too!