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The topic here is quite touchy, but your opinion on the matter can really be affected by age. I’ll
just start by saying that. If you’re around the age of 10-13, then you’re most likely going to have a very stale opinion on video games today in comparison to video games in the near past. The industry has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, however, I would have to say not for the best. Back in the days of Super Nintendo and NES, a game could not be successful if they were unoriginal, and not well designed. The limitations produced pure gaming bliss, so to speak. However, as the years went on, video game consoles began to be able to produce much bigger and better graphical presentations.

At this point, I would like to say the second major crash in Video Game history began. That’s
right, here’s a new theory. The industry right now is undergoing a crash, similar to the one nobody can forget, involving the Atari 2600. Allow me to explain: While the crash we are undergoing at the moment is not as bad as the one endured by the people of that time, it is simply dreadful for others who just want to play a game, enjoy it’s design, and keep it to themselves. Allow me to elaborate further. In the days of SNES and NES, you didn’t have any Xbox Live, pay2play, or any of that bullshit. What you bought was what you played. DLC didn’t exist, or rather it wasn’t main-stream yet, and it was clunky and terribly
produced, and you didn’t have to pay extra money to play more of the game’s basic functions. This, my people, is just one of the horrors plaguing our industry. Let me just say this: I do NOT hate all games of this generation, or in previous. However, the second problem is the same that caused the first crash: a slew of bad games. You see, after digging around, being curious why modern developers decided that they didn’t need to design a good game, but rather make a game sell well, I found out that in colleges, in the U.S. at least, that is exactly what they are teaching.

I’ve researched from several different people, and found feedback on their college Game
Development courses, and the intelligent people were very confused about why they were learning how to make a game sell well, instead of making a well-designed game. This is rampant, and you don’t have to talk with people in college to see this, however. There are BEGINNER’s mistakes in these games as far as design goes, that make somebody simply learning proper design and analysis cringe every time they see them (this would be me, in this situation). Simple flaws like poorly made maps and boring/repetitive stages in-game are everywhere today, and it’s difficult to find a well-made and properly designed experience nowadays, especially, and maybe specifically, in the first person-shooter genre. Honestly, from last year, I only liked 2 games that came out, and they weren’t even that great. They were average at best, but still fun to play and enjoyable experiences.

This is the main cause of the Video Game Crash of 2008-2013 as of right now. Considering that
developers do not have to put effort into designing a cohesive experience anymore, but rather just have
to make it addictive and repetitive, and specifically in first person shooter games , plus the fact that first person shooters are the “fad” nowadays with those being the most common type of game out right now. It’s almost crude to see some of the “best-selling” products the industry has to offer. The worst example, and presumably the most depressing, is the sellout nuclear piece of shit that is Call of Duty. This franchise is the pinnacle of awful, the worst of the worst that this industry can offer as far as design goes. Let me rephrase that: Call of Duty MW2 and up have been the worst. What made the original games unique from other stale FPS games was the setting. Playing through it, you were immersed in the war of WWII. It was an amazing experience, and it really put you into the time. So playing this awesome singleplayer, you said, “Wow gee, I wish I could play this game online with friends!” So they released the multiplayer for the first 2-4 games. Everyone loved it, because it was WELL DESIGNED. This whole thing is key here, because after people began to imitate Call of Duty, the developers began to run out of ideas. They began to make it in fictional wars, and even started imitating their own past games. The modern COD games are just pure examples of a shadow of it’s former self.

It’s sad to see such a fun series die like this, but I’m going to say right now, it deserves to burn
indisputably. The main problem here is that nobody notices it! People are blind to the writing on the wall, all because they can’t get enough of standing in one place in multiplayer, waiting for people to walk by. It ridiculous, and should not happen. It’s a very depressing thought that the majority of my peers (age 15) are incredibly clueless about everything that’s taking place around them. It’s almost like they enjoy the stale gameplay and experiences the world has to offer now. However, I digress. In conclusion, while the industry certainly has a few very good games available, the rest of the market is crowded by half-assed attempts at making the next big hit that COD was. Also, one last note: Nintendo doesn’t count in this whole thing.

That was the Rant blog for this month, hope you enjoyed! Leave feedback in the comments!

PS: Turns out, I had this rant sitting around, and never posted it! =O My bad! Will be posting another one, as this was supposed to go up last month!